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Top 10 SEO Myths

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Top 10 SEO Myths

There are so many myths about SEO Advice that we hope to elucidate and clarify so called SEO myths below ….. 1. SEO is about secret strategies There is a SEO myth that there are secret strategies and methods employed by SEO experts that result in top SERPs  (search engine result pages). Of course, this […]

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SeoAdviser Services SeoAdviser Services»

Information about the full range of professional services that SeoAdviser can offer….for new and existing websites.

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Quality and Quantity Posts for Penguin Busting Quality and Quantity Posts for Penguin Busting»

Content and Panda / Penguin Penalties We have always been an advocate of “content, content, content” and nothing has changed (much!!) for latest Panda and Penguin updates. However, those webmasters who created a post for every keyword variation -for example, a page about Online Guitar lessons, another for electric guitar lessons, one for acoustic guitar […]

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Future of SEO video Future of SEO video»

Scott over at SeoMoz peers into his crystal balls, and penetrates the future and sees a hard time ahead for SEO engineers. The climax is the video below (have a cigarette and enjoy it!). Scott believes Accessibility and Content issues will remain contant – and continue your best practises for crawling, sitemaps , great content […]


Niche Reaper does what it says on the Can Niche Reaper does what it says on the Can»

Niche Reaper – Keyword Research Breakthrough We are very impressed by Niche Reaper: a keyword research tool – zooming in on whether you can rank easily or make money. We have experienced the mind-numbing task researching keywords for niche markets. This video shows you how easy it is to use the Niche Reaper tool. Niche […]

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Using Social Media to Build Links: Video Using Social Media to Build Links: Video»

Social Media and Links How can we use Social Media to build links? The video lays out a very scalable way to build links for just about any business. The video reals useful social media tools to use, and explains how to use them. Also tips on how to use Twitter and Google +. So […]

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Search Engine Optimisation Review Search Engine Optimisation Review»

We have been looking for Blogs with useful postings about Search Engine Optimisation. We hope you enjoy the tips and advice in these blogs. Search Engine Optimisation for Blogs – Ok, I know Rafiq and Miguel are the Search Engine Optimisation demigods, but I reckon I’ve beaten them to finding this nice post on SEO […]