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Adding NEW links to OLD pages

By • Jan 23rd, 2012 • Category: Link Building

Link Building Strategy: Adding NEW links to OLD pages

“Old” pages on your site might already have authority and Page Rank so adding a new link on an old page will help you to rank a new page. Yes, this might have been true in the good ole days but no more.

Tim Grice wrote a report: Links In Old, Crawled Content Don’t Pass Weight which confirms that old authority pages do not pass “oomph” you expected.

Adding NEW links to OLD pages: Freshen Content

However, this is not the end of the story. It seems that you need to freshen your old page before getting the oomph you expected. So OK add your new link but work in some new content around the link as well. Google will see the page extra fresh material and reward your link accordingly. Whilst adding the new content, it may be wise to freshen your title tag to reflect the new content.

Does the same apply to external links? Say you can persuade a webmaster to update a link to your site from the webmaster’s site – will that pass rank too? Well, it seems the same applies – try to work in some new content again. Of course, some webmasters are resistant to adding new content. So it is up to you to boost the authority of the webmaster’s page with some social media links or other inbound links.

The SeoMoz video below explains the theory more fully:  Adding NEW links to OLD pages

Google Reference:
Why would this happen? Why would Google care if it’s an old page or a new page? We don’t know exactly, but we do have some hints from some patent filings that Google has filed, specifically, Document Scoring Based on Document Content Update. It’s been filed over and over again in different variations throughout the years. It’s kind of like the manifesto of how Google runs its search engine.  So it seems that Adding new links to old pages CAN work if you take a fresh approach!

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