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Content Link Primer

By • Jan 28th, 2013 • Category: Link Building

Recently the Edge team sent out a link to a pdf document about link building – that was published before the Penguin / Panda updates. I was struck by how relevant their strategies were then and just as relevant now after all the google updates! The killer part they describe as follows

… Something which literally no one talks about, and that’s the words which surround the actual link on a page. If you think about it from a user perspective then it makes sense to have a link which is relevant to the conversation, and not one which has nothing to do with the paragraph they’re reading.

For example, if your paragraph is all about the topic of dog training, and then the link in the middle of the paragraph is for ‘instant credit loans’ then that’s a massive disconnect for the user, and completely off topic for the page and the specific paragraph. They outline it briefly in the patent:

So, make sure that when you’re placing your link in the body text of the page that the surrounding text in the sentence is relevant to the anchor text.

Again, you can use the Google’s External Keyword Tool to see what other words are relevant by putting in your anchor text and getting back what Google says is relevant, then craft the sentence / paragraph using some of those relevant words in the structure. Just make sure the sentence / paragraph reads naturally and doesn’t just look like 50 keywords put back-to-back – remember that it’s all about providing useful information to the reasonable surfer in an effort to get them to click on a link.

On your own pages it is easy to control the text surrounding a link so get it right and maximise your page ranking. Of course, the problem is more difficult on external links and the surrounding content. Guest posting becomes a good technique here as you can control the content and the embedded links!

For more great tips about linking read the Edge document.

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