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Effect of the recent update of Google farmer and Panda update

By • May 16th, 2011 • Category: SEO Advice

Google makes continuous adjustments to its algorithms and thus there has been a recent big change in its search results. As a result, the webmasters of the numerous sites will have to change some of their search engine optimization or SEO strategies. Otherwise, they will lag behind many others who are already up now in the Google ranking as per the Google farmer and
Panda update.

Google farmer’s update

In the process of updating its algorithm, Google did not give any details about anything new in regards to the factors that it would like to see in the different web pages. This is an effort by the search engine to regulate more users mainly to the high-quality sites while devaluing the low-quality sites.

Mainly, Google tried to identify and penalize the rankings of the sites that generally contain copied content from other sites or the sites which have low-quality content and the sites which generally have high ad content rather than any quality content. In addition, Google also scraped sites that lack any brand trust. In other words Google took up the work of penalizing sites that
aren’t able to provide much information and value to the user.

Manny websites were negatively affected by the Google farmer/Panda update. However, the main impact of the changes appears to have downgraded most of the widely known and used article repositories. For example, the different websites like Ezine articles, Suite101,,,,, and many more. These sites mainly interact with other sites as part of their SEO strategy. One of the main idea behind SEO is the inclusion of content in the site, and that ‘content is king’. However, for many years this has lead most of the sites to add template content to their site, but they had forgotten to check with the quality of their content source. On the other hand, the sites that gained and were able to maintain their positions in the search engine rankings are Facebook, ehow, YouTube, Britannica, scribd, metacafe, LinkedIn, RadioShack, IKEA, indiatimes and so on.

Panda Update Problematic

Along with the advent of Panda update, there has been a considerable shift in sites that have been affected based on the types. The sites which were of significant brand authority have also seen large drops in their visibility, thereby resulting in a drop on the volume of traffic. Mainly, in case of the information sites this new change has proved to be quite problematic.

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