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How did you fare with Google “Farmer” Update

By • Mar 14th, 2011 • Category: SEO Advice

Google Farmer Update

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Now that the dust has settled on the latest major Google algorithm update – referred to as the “Farmer” update – how are you faring post the Google Farmer Update?

It seems that sites with quality and original content have seen improved rankings whereas those with duplicate content have bombed.  “Adsense” sites have been hit where there is little original content  – but note comments that webmasters are removing adsense from their sites are exaggerated. It’s the content you should be concentrating on. In fairness Google always tries to provide valuable results to search enquiries. Whilst they have their critics, Google will always endeavour to improve their search results.

So the content, content, content mantra is more relevant than ever. Who wants to read duplicate content or even worse badly “spun” articles?

Tackling Google Farmer Update

So apart from improving the content of your site and removing “duplicate content” what can be done? Those sites that are over reliant on links from article directories such as Ezine articles will have dropped rankings. Google seems to be penalising links from Ezine articles – although we prefer to say that less Google page rank is passed. We suspect that Ezine articles will address the problem, and improve the quality of their articles with the result that Ezine Articles will seen as an authority sites in the future.

Remember any link strategy must look natural to Google. Over reliance on one type of link (say, backlinks from Ezine articles) is not natural. Ideally you will receive natural backlinks to your high quality content – but in reality you will probably need to “encourage” Google with a diverse link strategy.  Take some positive action and heed the “warnings” in the Google Farmer update.

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