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Seo Advice: Get a Google Sitemap

By • Sep 18th, 2008 • Category: Search Engine Optimization Tools

Content, content, content – you hear it all the time. Yes – it is good SEO advice! There is no doubt you need quality and unique content (most of the time!), and content does need to be updated. New content on your site ensures Google’s spiders or bots return to your site regularly.

It is very important that the search engine spiders or bots can find all the content on your site. So first point to check is that your robots.txt is not preventing the “bots” from accessing all the content you want exposed. Google’s Webmaster Central has an excellent tool to check the statements in your robots.txt file.

Broken Links
You should regularly check that all the content is accessible to the “bots” – are your navigation links complete so that content is not isolated with no links to it? It is almost inevitable that broken links will occur and there is an excellent free tool called Xenu that can check for you!

One of the best ways to ensure that Google finds all your content is to give it some help! You will need a free account at Google’s Webmaster Central – so sign up.  Then create a sitemap xml file and upload it to your root directory – that might seem complicated but there are plenty of free tools to help you. One of the best is GSiteCrawler.

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